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Important instruction
enter domain bc (help)

Take your pick:

If you are having trouble try:

  1. login name: spxxyyy (ie normal) and password


  2. login name: bc/spxxyyy and password


  3. login name: spxxyyy and password and domain = bc

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Problems logging in (staff directory or forums)

Please read this:

  1. You must have an IoP username and password. Username names are of the format spxxyyy.
  2. The next bit is often where the confusion happens, this is because the procedure is different depending on your computer and browser.

    In most cases, enter your login name as bc\spxxyyy

    In older versions of Windows you will see a box marked domain, enter bc in the box

  3. Although most people should be able to connect, under certain circumstances (old Macs, linux boxes, Netscape 4.0 etc) users may be unable to connect. In such situations, we recommend upgrading your broswer to the newest your machine will cope with or try to connect on a different machine!

  4. Try now:

Still no joy?

send this info to, explain the problem.

Your browser is: Browser Version (Platform) Unknown 0 0 ( Unknown )

If you are having trouble please email the following details to

BROWSER Unknown 0 0 ( Unknown )


Information for users with old browsers

The following browsers will not work.
Note: there is no intention to fix this, so please upgrade your browsser

The following browsers have not been tested (but should work)

The following browsers have not been tested

Users with old browsers should upgrade them (get advice on upgrading now)

Recommended browsers

  1. a Mozilla browser (Firefox / Mozilla for Windows / Linux / Unix / Mac;)
  2. Microsoft Internet Explorer v6 or higher (Windows) or v5 or higher (Macintosh)